Week 8

Write a short critical analysis of the way that Thomas Hardy links his central protagonist with Jesus Christ and with the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount in particular. Do you think there is any justification for Hardy to do this?

In Hardy’s work there is a definite allusion to religion, specifically Christianity.  In the last two pages Clym is presented in a manner in which almost presents itself like Jesus giving a sermon on the Mount. I believe Hardy does this to present Clym as a teacher just like how Jesus was. Clym helps and acts as a teacher to the rustics which is likened to how jesus is a teacher for the people. Hardy was living and writing in a time where society had mixed feelings and views on religion so by comparing Clym to Jesus, Hardy is reflecting on the importance of a leader in life and not only in religion.

As for Clym being a saviour, I think he is in need of saving more so than him being a saviour. He inspires the natives however his personality is sometimes unattractive and the attractiveness does not fit the persona of a saviour.


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